CylancePROTECT vs. the Real World: APT 30 Samples

FireEye just published a 70-page report on APT30, a group it says has attacked governments and businesses across Southeast Asia and India for a decade.

Cylance CEO Stuart McClure harvested all 77 malware hashes listed in FireEye's APT30 report and executed them simultaneously – just like a hacker would. But unlike the computers that were compromised by APT30, he conducted his experiment on a PC that was protected by CylancePROTECT Next-Generation Antivirus. It caught 100 percent of the malware using a version of PROTECT that was built eight months before the FireEye report was released. It blocked and quarantined all 77 programs from executing.

Cylance stops attacks that have not previously been seen. We do that using advanced artificial intelligence that predicts when a file is going to be malicious, then blocks it in real time and stops attacks. No other security solution has that power or effectiveness.