Jeremy "CrYpT" Dodson on Puzzles and Cryptography

Jeremy "CrYpT" Dodson (@CrYpT_0x12f) and the crew at Curious Codes (@Curious_Codes) see the world as a puzzle.

CrYpT does a lot of cool things, but his approach to life appears to be rooted in solving puzzles. This type of mentality drives CrYpT and his cohorts at Curious Codes into the world of Cryptography.

Whether they are designing badges for Defcon or leading sessions at Black Hat or elsewhere, the Curious Codes crew use puzzles and games as teaching methods to help people learn how to think through problems.

VIDEO: Matt Stephenson of Cylance speaks with Jeremy :CrYpT" Dodson

Curious Codes are truly everywhere. Pick a platform and you will find them. It's definitely worth your time. Look for them at:

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