Jack Daniel: Security Needs to Play the Long Game

Roving reporter Matt Stephenson (@packmatt7) spends some quality time with cybersecurity legend Jack Daniel (@Jack_Daniel).

Jack wants the industry to remember to keep its eyes on the long game, as well as dealing with the daily issues that occupy so much of our time. He asks the question: "If we only focus on today's attacks, how will we be ready for tomorrow's problems?"

Watch the full video interview here:

About Jack Daniel:

A regularly featured speaker at ShmooCon, SOURCE Boston, DEF CON, RSA and other marquee conferences, Jack is widely considered a leading technology community activist. He is co-host of Security Weekly, and served as Director of the National Information Security Group (NAISG). He is co-founder of Security BSides, and his Uncommon Sense Security blog has been awarded a place in the Security Bloggers Network Hall of Fame.

As a Security Strategist, Jack helps develop Tenable SecurityCenter and provide valuable insight to consumers about current IT trends.

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