DirtySecurity Podcast: Malcolm Harkins On a New Age for BYOD

If we delivered a birthday cake to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, how many candles do you think would be on the cake? On this episode of DirtySecurity, we talk about personal devices: they are like opinions, everyone has one. 

The challenges of BYOD historically, from a risk perspective, include security and privacy. On the flip side, we ask: has BYOD provided any real benefits to the enterprise?

In this week’s episode of DirtySecurity, Edward Preston discusses these and other pressing issues around BYOD with BlackBerry Cylance’s Chief Security and Trust Officer Malcom Harkins - who knows a thing or two about data privacy at both the corporate and individual levels.

About Malcolm Harkins

Malcolm Harkins is responsible for BlackBerry Cylance’s information risk, security, public policy, and customer outreach to help improve understanding of cyber risks. Previously, Malcolm was VP and Chief Security and Privacy Officer (CSPO) at Intel.

About Edward Preston

Edward Preston (@eptrader) has an eclectic professional background that stretches from the trading floors of Wall Street to data centers worldwide.

Edward started his career in the finance industry, spending over 15 years in commodities and foreign exchange. With a natural talent for motivating, coaching, and mentoring loyal, goal-oriented sales teams, Edward has a track record for building effective sales teams who have solid communication lines with executive management.