Cyber Security Training Haikus: Shellcode Returns

As Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, it often falls to me to come up with new and entertaining ways to engage our employees with the kind of in-depth security training mandatory at a large cybersecurity company. 

Prior to National Cyber Security Awareness month (NCSAM) last year, I made a joke on an internal coms channel about penning an original security haiku each day that month. That simple joke stuck with me and I thought... why not? 

So, each week I spent some time over coffee crafting security haikus and penning an email to be sent to the entire company each Monday morning. After the first week, something surprising happened - our employees started replying to my daily emailed haiku by sending me their own haikus in return. 

Here are a selection of some of my favorites. Part 1 of this series can be found here.

Corrupted header

Shellcode returns to libc

Bug bounty award

- by Eric Kaiser
Security Automation

Classified data

No matter where you store it

Keep it encrypted

- by Steve Mancini
Deputy CISO

Happy Hour banter

Overheard in public place

Curb work topics there

- by Steve Mancini
Deputy CISO 

Settle down email

A devious phishing loose

Watching the trusted

- by Tim Horton
DevOps Engineer Assoc Principal 

The Cloud is your friend

Who shares company secrets

Secure your buckets

- by Steve Mancini
Deputy CISO

Classified info

Plus audience confusion

Equals data breach

- by Gabe Deale
Worldwide VP of Sales Engineering 

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COPYRIGHT: All cybersecurity haikus © the BlackBerry Cylance employees named above. Kindy give them author attribution if sharing these haikus elsewhere.... because it's just a nice thing to do. ;)